Technical information

Valvarance (Valve und Variance) Multi turn actuator for on/off or modulating duty with Completely pneumatic components of multi turn actuator, control and reversing gear

Multi turn actuator:

double-acting pneumatic cylinder
Free wheel clutches on drive shaft
Superposition of strokes
uniform rotation
one rotational direction
complete overload protection
constant torque in all load phases

Pneumatic control:

infinitely adjustable cylinder stroke sequence
Variable number of cylinders
Variable speed on stroke limitation
No loss of power of the pneumatic cylinder
Repeatable on and off ramp

Reversing Gear: 

Pneumatic change of rotatory direction
Proved principle of differential gear
Different torques for opening / closing
Scalable break away torque
Avoiding of going on block


The drive can be easily adapted to different requirements and is designed as a modular system. The following options are available:


Fixed r.p.m. and fixed direction of rotation (1 pneumatic feed required)
With reverse gear for rotation at fixed r.p.m. (2 feeds)
Variable r.p.m. without reverse gear (2 feeds)
Infinitely variable r.p.m. (e.g. 0 – 200) and reverse gear. (3 feeds)
Full equipment as for infinitely variable r.p.m. and reverse gear with additional pneumatic sensor for determining the axis position (4 feeds and flow sensor)

All variant designs in stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, according to the specific application.