What moves and drives me

My daughter Sophie Charlotte

Creative collaboration, networking and talking shop
Analyse people and moments
Honest words and clear calls

Intellectual talks that help me to move forward
Perfectionism and chaos
Thinking ahead instead of reflecting afterwards
Connection to the Altsalem Association ASV

Sense for beautiful things and special people
Sometimes just talk and a little “shoot mouth off”
Good food and good wine
Andalusia: people, climate, landscape, ham, fino, vino

Inadvertent error prevention Poka Yoke
Healthy nutrition in everyday life, protein storage basement membrane
LENR: low energy nuclear reactions, cold fusion reactor, CMNS
Primes, Felix Stoffel

Golf: formerly Handicap 17, Golfclub Ahrensburg, Golfclub an der Göhrde
Flying: PPL, Cessna single engine, International Radiotelephony Certificate
Hunting: hunting and gun license since 1976
Sailing: A-certificate, boatman certificate, sport boat license inland waters
Horseback riding: leisure
Archery: Recurve, intuitive shooting
Diving: bottle and snorkelling
Fishing and fly fishing