Ethical Plastics®

Ethical Plastics® is a multiple, intelligently presented material complex based on proteins and carbon, allowing a wide range of applications. Fully home-compostable it removes carbon from the natural CO2 cycle and binds it long-term in the topsoil. It contributes to a paradigm shift in that the use of more material means fewer greenhouse gases at the same time.

Ethical Plastics® realizes the high ethical standards of its brand promise in several ways. The supporting pillars are its sustainable positive contribution to climate protection and the consistent avoidance of harmful plastic waste and microplastics. In addition, the raw materials do not conflict with today’s food production, but are recruited exclusively from waste streams.

Biochar, an essential component of the material complex, are one of 6 recognized NETs (Negative Emission Technology) and, together with afforestation, are currently the most sensible and economical method. They remove CO2 from the atmosphere, store it permanently in attractive products and reduce aggressive climate gases such as methane and nitrous oxide, because the carbonization avoids rotting processes.

Another central aspect is the protection of not inconsiderable proportions of the residual proteins that remain as apparent “waste” from industrial slaughter and utilization of fellow creatures for human consumption from exclusively destructive disposal. With respect for creatures and responsibility towards our environment, these residues are put to a new and sustainable use as an essential component of a highly innovative and, in the sum of its properties, uniquely versatile material/material complex such as Ethical Plastics®.

Ethical Plastics® can be processed in all common plastic processes such as injection moulding, foaming and extrusion processes and is used in packaging, interior design, agriculture and forestry, water treatment, etc.

The material meets the central challenges for plastics and contributes to improving the image of this industry.

A consortium will be initiated for the development of concrete application formulations and processing methods, which will affect and take into account further development areas.

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