Conversion to a holiday resort

On 26.3.1985 Peter Romuald Schirmeisen bought the Finca Los Cerrillares from D. Francisco Javier Mencos Fajardo. First, the farm was managed by Manuel Longo with the support of an agricultural engineer from Cordoba and later leased to D. Pedro Sola Tessiere.

It was only in 1996 that Peter Romuald Schirmeisen decided to let the estate be managed by his daughter Agat Schirmeisen and Udo Eckloff, with the help of Emilio Corzo Lopez and his wife Rosario Hinojosa Ramos.

Since it was foreseeable that the finca would not be profitable with purely agricultural and forestry operation, it was decided to build a holiday resort in the uninhabitable walls of the old “Cortijo”.

The company Cinegética Los Cerrillares, S.L. was founded to run both agriculture, forestry, hunting and livestock farming and to build the resort. A subsidy was requested and sketching and reconstruction began in 1998 with the planning of architect Juan Ignacio Bedia Paso. The old roof covering was removed, of the Cortijo only the foundation walls remained. Useful bricks and roof tiles were reused. Access, sewage and sewage pipes, fresh water, heating, electrical, TV and telephone systems newly installed, terraces and courtyard with slate and mosaic provided as well as a new entrance and two tower apartments built. Later, more boxes, a riding arena and two useless houses were completely renovated.

In the interior handmade clay floor coverings and hand-painted bathroom tiles were laid and furnished accordingly with high-quality furniture.

After just 18 months, the complex was opened in 2000 and successfully operated until 2009. Thanks to the outstanding commitment and technical support by Jose Manuel Sanchez, and the extraordinary bricklayer and all-rounder team.

And also, to José Gómez Provincial, who, as always, looked after olives and gardens and provided us with fresh mushrooms.