Initiation of cooperation

Creative organization of scientific and entrepreneurial external expertise

Industrial companies with their own development and product departments, can more easily respond to rapid and disruptive changes in times of globalization. Often, SMEs do not have the specific expertise in-house to implement their ideas on their own and adapt their business model. Many therefore remain hidden champions with insufficient market access.

Your future projects can benefit from the involvement of qualified partners from science or other companies.

Prerequisite for this is mutual trust and acting at eye level. I propose suitable project partners and moderate the first meetings to build this trust. A non-disclosure agreement can be a building block to protect your intellectual property and open the project for collaborations.

Finding suitable cooperation partners takes valuable time, which you could use more effectively. I can contribute my personal network and thus the associated trust for your project.

I have been able to incorporate numerous universities and institutes in my projects:

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University DHBW
research center Julich
Fraunhofer ICT and IAP
Colleges Furtwangen HFU
Universities of Pforzheim, Reutlingen and Schmalkalden
ILK Dresden
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT
Plastic Institute Lüdenscheid
Natural and Medical Institute NMI Tübingen
Max Planck Institute MPI Göttingen
South German Plastic Center SKZ Würzburg
Universities of Cordoba, Gran Canaria, Constance and Stuttgart

I offer you a trusting and discreet conversation about the highly sensitive development area of your company. Just call me.

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