Expertise along the wood value chain

Studied wood science at the University of Hamburg, Faculty of Biology, graduating in 1981 with a degree in Diplom Holzwirt

Examination subjects:

  • World Forestry
  • Wood biology, physics, chemistry
  • Ergonomics
  • Business Administration
  • Diploma thesis: Forestry and timber industry in Poland

Career history:

  • Veneer trade
  • Lumber trade
  • Sawmill
  • furniture manufacturing
  • Interior carpentry
  • Logs and Timber import


  • Alplinkbioeco – EU project to link the bio-based actors in the Alpine region along the value chain
  • Growth envelopes – MLR project to develop biodegradable growth envelopes for afforestation
  • Bergius+ – private-sector project for process development for the production of PLA from ligno-cellulose residues
  • Hunting management of 1000 ha with big game population
  • Cork and Turkey Oak Forest – Stock management, afforestation, cork and firewood sales in Andalusia