State funding

Application for funding for technical developments

My focus is on medium-sized companies, ie SMEs. Many funding agencies offer a wide range of different funding programs, in particular for technical developments of products, processes and services.

The funding program ZIM (Central Innovation Program for SMEs) with subsidies for cooperation, individual and service projects make it easy to assess whether there is a sufficient innovative core and if development is eligible. As a rule, I can therefore offer my service on a purely success basis.

For the application I need 2 – 6 weeks. From the time the application is submitted, you can start the project. Authorizations are usually granted after a full response to possible queries about the application within a further one to two months.

Depending on the SME status, i.e. employee and turnover figures as well as the sum of balance sheet, a grant of up to € 175,000 per company is possible.

The funding modules of the EU Horizon 2020 program with an international background place high demands on the projects. Contents and formulation as well as the strict observance of the given topic must be followed. Again, I have experience in the application. Due to the complexity and the unpredictable approval rate, I offer these services according to actual expenditure.

You can find a simple search possibility about the funding possibilities of the federal, state and EU as well as their requirements for you as an applicant on the data base Datenbank des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie.

I would like to support you in analysing the funding options and formulating and processing an application. Talk to me.

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