Personal and virtual professional knowledge transfer

Online platforms are an indispensable medium in today’s digital world for disseminating information or establishing and maintaining contacts.

Many SMEs underestimate the value of LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Co. and do not use it for their communication mix. YouTube is now much more than a video platform and is used as the second most important search engine worldwide especially by younger target groups. Those who are not present in social media channels are in danger of losing their connection.

Verbal and visual product and company presentations can be distributed cheaply on the Internet. The topic of “storytelling”, that is the telling of short, catchy stories that initially have nothing to do with the actual marketing goal, is consistently used by smaller companies as well. The successes are impressive.

Webinars are also useful for communicating product benefits and product information, and are less time-consuming and certainly less expensive than traveling to training or organizing a sales event.

Digital communication can only supplement personal contact. Last but not least, networking is therefore a physical gathering at various levels such as workshops, working groups, events or trade fairs.

In the flood of invitations to meetings and meetings, it is important to evaluate whether they offer added value for their own challenges.

My physical and virtual networking expertise covers many and diverse market segments:

Medical technology with focus on endoscopy, implants and instruments, metal processing, surface technology, wind power, white goods, cleaning in industrial manufacturing processes, drive technology in the commercial vehicle and automotive sector, assembly and process engineering, measurement technology, biological wastewater treatment, plastics with material and process technology, 3D plastic and metal printing as well as bio-plastics “Ethical plastics® “.

Networking is talking. Let us talk unreservedly about your topic.

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