Herbal elves

Product description

When cutting standing herbs or plants in the garden, in the field, in the pot or planting bowl with scissors, it is very expensive to catch all the sections. A scissors attachment, consisting of a drip tray and a sliding lid, allows an easy collection of the herb sections.

The attachment is useful for every cutting operation with all household scissors, but also with special scissors, e.g. herbal, hair or beard, craft or sewing scissors can be used.

The two parts of the attachment are attached via their magnetic base on all common household scissors or special scissors. The drip tray is placed on the underside of the lower edge and is therefore slightly lower than the cut surface. The lid is placed on top of the overhead cutting edge. During the cutting process, it pushes the sections into the tray. The drip tray can of course be used without a sliding lid. 

After the cutting process, both parts are easily removed from the scissors and connected to each other at their magnetic foot parts. The result is a closed vessel from which the cut parts do not fall out. The drip tray with small openings at the bottom can be used for washing and as a strainer of the herb sections.

Tray and sliding lid are made of food grade plastic. The transparency of the material allows for control during the cutting process.

Structure of herb elves

This is how the herb elves work


With herb elves you can increase your product sales and / or herbal sales!

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